What Are the Benefits of Changing My Oil Regularly?

Routine oil changes are a must for maintaining the health of your car. This will not only prevent your engine from seizing up, but also ensures smooth running, less downtime and the repair shop, and good gas mileage.

What Are the Reasons for Changing My Oil Regularly?

How Often Should I Get An Oil Change?

When it comes to knowing when to have an oil change in your car, there is no standard answer. This may have been true several decades ago, but we have come a long way since then. These days each car, truck, or SUV has its own special sauce for best road performance. No different than gas, you have to get what’s best for your car or truck.

As luck has it, each car brand provides the standard requirements for each specific model. These requirements are completely available for your mechanic. Moreover, oil grade may be specified by topography factors such as excessively extreme temperatures, altitude, elevation, how old your vehicle is, and excessive mileage.

The choice of which grade oil to put in your car, truck, or SUV is always best made by your local dealership. The factory-trained oil technicians on staff are best equipped to make the decision for you, based on your model and environmental factors.

The 7 Benefits of Having Routine Oil Changes

having an oil change is a relatively inexpensive and quick task, nevertheless there are many drives that ignore doing it, assuming it as unnecessary routine vehicle maintenance. Here is a list of the top seven reasons for having regular oil changes.

1. A More Efficient Engine

Getting your oil changed routinely not only keeps your engine clean, it likewise boosts its performance. Oil carries dirt, particles, and other bits as it flows into the engine. As a result, sludge starts to develop inside the machine over a course of time. Those who are not changing the oil in the correct periods might observe a substantial change in their engine performance and output due to the gathered bits inside. Changing your engine oil and replacing your oil filters regularly will assist you stay clear of a slow-working, inefficient engine.

2. Mileage is Better

An effective engine gives the most effective mileage on the road. To do that, it is important to maintain your engine clean and without debris. As engines run smoothly with fresh oil, their performance changes and so does the capacity to utilize fuel a lot more efficiently. This implies, expectedly, better gas mileage and significant cost-savings.

3. Engine Longevity

Dirty oil usually has crud that creates raised friction and faster wear-and-tear. A cleaner engine runs smoother, works proficiently and normally has a longer life as well.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Gradually, heat breaks down engine oil and releases gases. This process additionally assists in the buildup of sludge inside the machine. Consequently, the produced gas from your car will have harmful hydrocarbons that are damaging to the environment. Changing your vehicle’s oil regularly assist you pollute less.

5. Protects Engine

Routine cleaning definitely safeguards your vehicle’s engine from extra wear-and-tear, friction and sludge accumulation. That implies, by changing your vehicle’s oil, you can secure its engine and help it perform flawlessly and effortlessly.

6. Cools Engine Components

Engine components, under the hood, produce a lot of heat as they move at high rates of speed. Fresh engine oil keeps correct lubrication, so all moving parts produce very little friction which in turn prevents overheating the engine parts.

7. Worry-free Emissions Test

A smooth-running engine implies efficient performance and much better gas mileage. Plus, it aids you in easily passing the emission testing without any trouble. Simply by getting regular oil-changes, your automobile will run effectively with better gas mileage.

Schedule Your Oil Change at Bob Howard Nissan

Aside from the several benefits of getting routine oil changes, the majority of oil change services include a multi-point inspection. This indicates that if there are any kind of concerns with your engine, the service technician will let you know.

Bob Howard Nissan is happy to aid you with proper engine care. Schedule an oil change with us today to ensure your vehicle’s engine remains in top shape.

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